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Frag1D: prediction of shape strings and secondary structure of proteins

Please paste your amino acid sequences in FASTA format (max 100000 chars)
Allowed characters: "ABCDEFGHIKLMNPQRSTUVWYZX*", of which "BUZ*" will be converted to 'X'
(Max allowd number of sequences is 10. Sequences should be no shorter than 10 amino acids)

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Frag1D: [Please cite this paper if you find PredZinc useful in your research]

Tuping Zhou*, Nanjiang Shu* and Sven Hovmöller. A Novel Method for Accurate One-dimensional Protein Structure Prediction based on Fragment Matching, Bioinformatics, 2010;26(4):470-477. (*Co-first author) [PubMed]
© Nanjiang Shu

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